Wednesday,6 July 2022
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The minimum credit for entry was 240 points

More university students in Hungary


The number of students enrolling in Hungary’s state-funded universities has risen over the last year, reports A total of 58,844 students are expected to start courses at publicly universities in Hungary this year, compared to 56,180 in 2012. With the total number of applicants this year reaching 95,445, only 75% were successful in gaining places. The most popular choices were ELTE University, the University of Debrecen and Budapest Technical University. Overall, it seems the number of students admitted to universities in Hungary (including non-state universities) decreased by around 8,000.

The minimum credit for entry was 240 points this year, while 465 points, the maximum, were required to be admitted to applied economics, international studies and economic analysis studies faculties. Most applications were submitted to the Budapest ELTE university of humanities.

The number of applicants this year was 95,445, of whom 72,159, or 75 percent, have been enrolled in higher education, the deputy state secretary for higher education and science policy said. The most popular were the ELTE university, followed by the University of Debrecen and the Budapest Technical University, Zoltan Maruzsa added.

The main opposition Socialists, in response, said that the number of students admitted to higher education overall this year dropped by some 8,000, to 72,159. The proportion of students paying for courses has dropped by 37 percent in just a year, due mostly to high course fees, or a decision to study abroad, the party’s former minister for education said. Istvan Hiller said his party would, if in government, abolish from 2015 the paid-course system and increase the entry threshold to 260 points.

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