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From 27 June 2013 to 30 June 2013

Mulafest, Madrid Urban Trends Festival


MULAFEST is a unique gathering of a few different disciplines: music, art, dance, skating and BMX, customization, and tattoo art. MULAFEST is meant to encourage networking and an exchange of knowledge between visitors and participants in these various disciplines.

The festival will take over 50,000 square meters of the IFEMA Madrid complex. All of Feria de Madrid´s halls will be utilized, with each hall acting as a hub for a different discipline.

MULAFEST is set to feature competitions, activities and awards as well as opportunities for visitors to view exhibitions, participate in courses, listen to debates and lectures, and see demonstrations and performances. Live car and motorbike customization sessions, dance classes, and skating and biking competitions make up just a few of MULAFEST´s offerings.

MULAFEST is hoping to inspire further independent gatherings and idea exchanges by facilitating this event.

Read more about specific events within each discipline below! Tickets for MULAFEST can be purchased online at A general one day ticket costs 20€, while a ticket for all four days plus the music festival is 50€.

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