Friday,1 July 2022
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Online education growing in popularity


Across the world, there are barriers to higher education. In developed countries, they may be economic or geographical. In developing nations, the obstacles are not only economic or geographical in nature but also bureaucratic — the biggest obstacle of all is simply a lack of supply. That is why, far from the popular impression of online education being viable only in the developed world, it is actually in countries where it can fulfill its potential.

Internet penetration is growing at a steady pace  and unlike conventional education where physical infrastructure is a huge limiting factor, internet connectivity alone can enable millions of youth to access quality higher education online.

As higher education continues to evolve and online studies become more popular, MOOCs increasingly are held up as a revolutionary step forward. The concept is simple: a highly qualified professor offers an online “class,” for free, to anyone willing to listen. The system allows students from around the globe to learn from renowned academics, who in turn are able to reach many more people than could fit inside a traditional classroom.

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