Monday,27 June 2022
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People in the UK feel more English than British


Most of them, who live in England, believe the EU is a ‘bad thing’, with 58 per cent saying they would vote to leave.Seven out of ten who believe they are English and not British, would vote to leave the EU in a referendum.

Britishness is also declining as a sense of identity for many in England, the Future of England Survey run by the IPPR think tank and Cardiff and Edinburgh universities, found.

While people in England have a strong sense of dual identity, they are increasingly saying they are English rather than British.

The results, from a poll of over 3,500 people living in England will cause jitters in Downing Street.David Cameron is supporting the campaign to keep the union ahead of a Scottish vote on independence next year.

There is also strong link between Euroscepticism and concerns over the ‘unfairness’ of devolution.Those who oppose membership of the EU or have concerns are also more likely to believe that Scotland ‘gets more than its fair share of public spending’ (72 per cent) and that Scottish MPs should be banned from voting on laws that only affect England (91 per cent). Yet just 30 per cent of the English want Scotland to become an independent country, with 49 per cent wanting it to stay in the union.

The survey also showed that respondents named UKIP as the party that is best placed to ‘stand up for English interests’.

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