Wednesday,6 July 2022
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Public Petition for the right to appeal

Do you know that the Arbitration, Complaints and Ethics Commitee of the Spanish Federation of Press Associations  (FAPE) differs very unfavorably from similar organizations in other European countries?

Spanish Journalist have no right to appeal recognized. They have no chance to refute their arguments.

A survey developed by showed that 90% of voters were in favor of that spanish communication professionals should have this right, as it happens in other neighboring countries, such as UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

As a result of the survey, Ibercampus has encouraged a petition to to gather as many signatures as posible to send to them to the Arbitration, Complaints and Ethics Commitee of the Spanish Federation of Press Associations (FAPE). ( usually collects thousands of signatures for various issues and has become a true humanitarian power).
Please sign this petition. It is very important for you, and for the Spanish journalists.
After reading the rational basis, you can go to the bottom, where it says: To enter and sign only you have to click here.
You´ll see that you get an option to display or not your signature. Choose the option that seems most appropriate.
If you decide to send the request, you will realize instantly you get a response from were you want can forward the request to other emails.

Spanish Journalists will thank you your collaboration.


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