Friday,12 August 2022
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Key role in Russia´s economic development

Russia approves a reform to improve the national higher education and science system

Zineb Erraji Souhail
Russia´s President Vladimir Putin has finally approved a package of measures aimed at improving the national higher education and science system.

One of the main measures to be implemented will be ending the current practice of funding fundamental and exploratory research – conducted in both universities and research institutes – from the federal budget.

Instead, a grant scheme will be created. According to the government, this will significantly reduce the bureaucratic burden on scientists and science organisations.

Putin has also ordered the government, together with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Rectors´ Union, to improve the mechanism for setting priorities for basic research, taking into account Russia´s competitive advantages in various scientific fields and in accordance with issues of national security.

All researchers will be expected to play a key role in Russia´s economic development, creating new competitive products and knowledge in areas such as high-quality medicine, construction, communication, healthy food and preserving the environment.

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