Friday,12 August 2022
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Brain drain out of the country.

Russia to impose restrictions on the employment of national graduates abroad

The Russian parliament is to draw up proposals to impose restrictions on the employment of graduates of national universities abroad, with the aim of preventing further brain drain out of the country.

It is planned that these restrictions will mainly involve imposing financial sanctions on graduates of Russian universities who studied int state-funded places at Russian colleges and universities and did not pay for their education.

There is also a possibility that these graduates will be barred from holding top public positions. The list of other restrictions will be announced later this month.

According to an official spokesperson of the Duma, one of the main indicators of the efficiency of university education is the percentage of employed graduates, but it is currently unclear how to count students who have gone abroad after graduation.

Data from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science suggests that about 15% of graduates of Russian universities find a job abroad each year.

The proposals have already been criticised by some leading Russian analysts in the field of higher education. According to data of, one of Russia’s largest web resources, which monitors the employment of university graduates in Russia, in 2014 up to 77% of college and university graduates in Russia said they would prefer to work and live abroad.

Source: University World News

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