Friday,1 July 2022
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G8 Scientific statement

Science ministers from the world´s richest countries jointly endorsed the need to increase research


The statement recognises the role that science has to play in securing present and future sustainable growth. It also proposes new areas for the G8 to work together and collaborate on, including global research infrastructure, open scientific research data, and expanding access to scientific research results.

The joint statement  proposed “new areas” of scientific collaboration for the countries. The ministers said they “recognise the potential benefits of immediate global access to and unrestricted use of published peer-reviewed, publicly funded research results”.

The meeting is part of the overall UK G8 Presidency programme. It focused on how the G8 nations can lead efforts to improve the transparency, coherence and coordination of the global research enterprise in order to address global challenges and maximise the social and economic benefits of research.

The aim of the meeting was to bring the scientific community into the core G8 agenda of transparency and openess and illustrate the role science can play to support, complement and impact the mainstream debates around huge global and societal challenges.

National Academies attended to the meeting to express their opinions. However, they already meet regularly at G8 level and produce statements, but these statements are not always relevant to mainstream discussions and hence this is an attempt to corale all that energy into key issues on the G8 agenda.

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