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Singapore breaks into world´s top university nations


Singapore jumped two places to ninth in the overall table, which ranks 50 countries on measures including investment, gender balance, international connectivity and research output.

Ross Williams, one of the report’s authors and a professorial fellow at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, said that the city-state was “beefing up its ancillary institutions”.

Singapore is ranked eighth in the table for “resources”, a metric that combines government, total and per-student spending on tertiary education, as well as research and development expenditure. It is third for “connectivity”, which rates the number of international students and the amount of global research collaboration.

The state is ranked only 18th in the “output” rating – a measure of research output and excellence, and the number of researchers and students in the nation per head of population – but Professor Williams said there would inevitably be a “lag effect” between Singapore’s investment and result

For the first time Saudi Arabia was included and was ranked 28th overall. The kingdom has been investing heavily in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology to attract top researchers and students from around the world. It finished 45th in output, despite coming seventh in terms of resources.

Universitas 21 is a global network of 24 research-intensive universities that has been active since 1997.

The Times Higher Education World Academic Summit will be held in Singapore, 2-4 October 2013

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