Saturday,2 July 2022
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Smart cane to help blind people to detect obstacles above the waist


One of the keys of the new system is that it can be adjusted to suit to the person´s physical characteristics (height, width of shoulders, etc..). Detection of the objects is performed by a set of sensors that are adapted to a traditional white cane and improve its functionality.

The white cane is a tool that allows blind people to move independently. This tool guides people with visual problems and facilitates the tracing and detection of all kinds of obstacles in their path.

The traditional white cane can only detect obstacles that are below the waist and does not detect high or suspended objects such as branches of trees, fire extinguishers, mirrors for trucks and buses, etc.. The new cane also generates warnings of obstacles above waist, impossible to detect by traditional white cane.

This cane, weighing only 130 grams including the  microcontroller to detect distances depending on their physical characteristics, movement speed and density of road occupation.  It also includes a rechargeable battery (that can be used for several days).

The project has been funded by the Miguel Hernández University  UMH and has benefited from the advice and assistance of ONCE, the blind or visually impaired people foundation.

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