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To improve peoples lives in cities

Spanish companies create new mobile applications that simplify urban life

Spain is becoming the Silicon Valley of smart cities. Companies involved in building these cities of the future are putting in place initiatives and developing new mobile applications that simplify urban life.

The goal of these Spanish initiatives is to use information technologies in order to create urban spaces with infrastructure, networks and platforms that improve the lives of people living in cities.

For example, the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI, according to its Spanish abbreviation) from the public/private foundation Fundetec is behind Startup4cities, an initiative based on innovative products and services in the smart cities space. In less than three years, membership in this network has grown from 19 cities to 54, making it the largest of its kind in the world. These cities make a vast array of data available which, thanks to technology, provides business opportunities such as using it to offer fee-based services. According to Fundetec, the challenge is to make sure the data is readily available for these services and that connectivity exists between them.

  • Trazeo is a Spanish platform whose goal is to encourage parents to let their children go to school on foot or bicycle, using a webpage combined with a mobile app. Another effort to encourage healthier habits and create more sustainable cities is Mejora tu ciudad, (Improve your city), a social platform which lets users and local governments interact in real time.
  • Disabledpark is a webpage with a free geo-positioning mobile app that helps drivers with disabilities to find parking spaces. The project was the winner in the Startup4cities initiative.
  • Ecomesh is a company that produces hybrid solar panels for municipal pools that produce both heated water and electricity.
  • AccityMaps aims to be the Google Maps for people with disabilities.
  • Rentik is a rental service for electric motor scooters. The batteries on the scooters can be swapped out in order to keep them on the road longer for companies and other heavy users.
  • Riderstate is a social game for people who love bikes. Using a free mobile app, riders become part of a geo-positioned adventure.

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