Sunday,3 July 2022
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Public march

Spanish students protests against the education reform


Coinciding with the second of three days of a strike called by the Students Union (SE), high school students toured downtown Madrid to demand equality in education.

The march has coincided with the 3rd day of a week-long general strike by students, who are protesting planned cuts in the public education sector. The cuts are part of the austerity measures being brought in by the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to meet deficit targets set by European Union. 

Protests against education reform driven by the executive of the Popular Party (PP), described as elitist and segregational by the student, mixed this time with slogans and references to allegations of irregularities accusing that conservative group.

Rajoy´s ressignation is not enough, we want them all to quit and the creation of a government for the people, for workers and youth, said the SE general secretary, Tohil Delgado, after demanding the mass resignation of the ruling right. Delgado reported that the PP is the clearest reflection of the capitalist system´s rotteness.

The national students’ union says the government has cut 5 billion euros from spending on schools and universities since May 2012, while university fees have soared by as much as half in some regions. The student leader warned that this so-called second week of struggle-the first was held in October- may be followed by a third one with support from teachers to push the Ministry of Education, which legislates for the elite, he said. Many students who managed to get into a university or higher education off the back of their parent’s funding are unable to continue their studies with the increasing jobless rate.

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