Friday,12 August 2022
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Education Strike

Spanish teachers, students mobilize in national anti-austerity protests

Thousands of students and teachers came together, outside the classroom, in protest against education cuts and reforms in Spain.

Organizers for Thursday’s demonstrations, which led to mass actions in the capital Madrid as well as Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza, reported up to a 70 per cent turnout by Spain’s teachers, though the country’s education ministry put the figure at 20 per cent.

Protesters, many wearing the green T-shirts that have come to be identified with the education-advocacy movement, marched towards the Education Ministry, calling on head minister Jose Ignacio Wert to resign.

Thursday’s action was said to affect all levels of education, and union pickets were visible across schools and universities throughout Spain. The trigger for the latest demonstrations was a set of changes to the country´s education system, set to be approved on Friday, that would enact new grading systems, enact further funding cuts and place more emphasis on Catholic religion courses.

Union representatives affiliated with the group, which organized the strike and protests across Spain, said 72 percent of teachers and support staff took part in the strike, while the Students Association reported that 90 percent of students, teachers and parents supported the labor action.

While the central and regional governments claim cuts are necessary to help shrink its swollen deficit, the country has remained in recession for four years now and has a 27-percent-plus unemployment rate.

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