Friday,12 August 2022
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Between 15 and 32 years old

Spanish university students unsatisfied

A sizeable proportion of young people around the age of thirty are not happy with what they studied at university.

The economic crisis is largely responsible for this attitude; it has considerably reduced the number of jobs available but, added to this, the weak nature of university campuses has also come to light.

Almost half (47.6%) of young people between 30 and 32 consider that classes are excessively theoretical and another 8.4% add that there is little practical content, according to the ´Study of opinions, attitudes and expectations of Spanish youth´ carried out by the Pfizer Foundation among young people between 15 and 32 years old.

The disgust of these thirty-somethings with their academic choices made 15 years before leads them to regret having studied what they did .Only 53.4% would repeat their degrees, 41.6% would not do so under any conditions and 5% would need to rethink their choices. However, 48% now work in their chosen field, although their futures probably do not lie in Spain. 65.2% of those questioned answered that there are more possibilities outside of Spain, above all in Germany or the U.K. In general, the number of those wishing to leave the country has risen by 7% to 72.6%.

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