Tuesday,5 July 2022
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Students need to find a correct study atmosphere


Door-slamming, tantrums, and sleepless nights are all too common in many homes now the exam season is here – with teenagers, parents and teachers all sharing the pain.

Consultant educational psychologist Vivian Hill says young people have a variety of ways of revising, and stress in the home is often increased when parents fail to understand that.

"Each child will have a different style or approach to learning," says Ms Hill, of the Institute of Education, London University.

Educational psychologist Vivian Hill says parents can help by taking noisy brothers or sisters out and creating a quiet space for the child in the home or encouraging them to study in the school library or another quiet place.

"It´s a time of high stress and if they are surrounded by noisy siblings who have music blasting out or are playing noisy video games it can be hard to concentrate and feel like every one else is enjoying themselves," she says.

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