Tuesday,5 July 2022
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The art and science of delivering social change


The public-policy universe is full of good ideas to cure disease, alleviate poverty, and solve chronic, complex social problems. But getting the policy right is just a small fraction of the challenge. The ability to implement simple, pragmatic, scalable, and durable solutions is usually the litmus test of whether positive social change takes root or dies.

In The art and science of delivery, an anthology from McKinsey’s Voices on Society, available on the McKinsey on Society Web site, leading social thinkers and practitioners present delivery models for social change and cutting-edge approaches to implementing improvements in health care, food security, financial services, governance, and other areas. Contributors, including former UK prime minister Tony Blair, author Dambisa Moyo, food activist Jamie Oliver, social entrepreneur Salman Kahn, and many others share their ideas on how to create successful social-sector delivery programs for those who need them most.

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