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The best paid Hollywood actors


The protagonist of the trilogy, Iron Man is the highest paid actor according to the list. In the ´top ten´, names like Hugh Jackman, Denzel Leonardo DiCapio or Washintgon.

The ranking takes into account the salary taken by the actors between June 2012 and June 2013. According to data collected in this period, Robert Downey Jr., with 75 million euros in your account, is the highest-paid player, taking over from Tom Cruise. It´s a lot of money, but keep in mind the pull of the star at the box office and can be considered the most profitable. Iron Man 3 has made over 1,200 million dollars at the box office. compiled the ranking and estimated earnings by talking to managers, producers and agents.

1. Robert Downey Jr (US$75 million)

2. Channing Tatum ($US60 million)

3. Hugh Jackman (US$55 million)

4. Mark Wahlberg (US$52 million)

5. Dwayne Johnson (US$46 million)

6. Leonardo DiCaprio (US$39 million)

7. Adam Sandler (US$37 million)

8. Tom Cruise (US$35 million)

9. Denzel Washington (US$33 million)

10. Liam Neeson (US$32 million)


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