Tuesday,5 July 2022
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PASCL project

The European Commission has approved a new project on Student Centred Learning


The European Students Union (ESU) applied to the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union for financial support for two projects; Peer Assessment of Student Centred Learning in Higher Education in Europe – PASCL – and Peer Evaluation of Gender Integration at Institutional Level in Higher Education – GenWatch. With a 22 per cent success rate in the selection process. The application for PASCL has been accepted by the European Commission.

PASCL follows up on the project called Time for a New Paradigm in Higher Education – Student Centred Learning (T4SCL), which was implemented successfully in 2009-2010, in partnership with Education International. The main project outcome, the Student Centred Learning Toolkit for students, staff and higher education institutions, will define the concept of student centred learning and its principles.

The PASCL project broadens the scope of its action compared to its predecessor and focuses on inspiring a cultural change at the institutional level, through applying a robust assessment framework, as well as raising awareness on the importance of teaching missions.

Although the selection result for the Genwatch project was negative, ESU will remain committed to enhancing gender equality in higher education. Other funding opportunities for that work will be explored as the topic is integral in improving the quality of education in Europe, which will always be a priority for ESU.


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