Friday,12 August 2022
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The European Commission launched the Mobility Scoreboard

The European Commission launched the Mobility Scoreboard in response to the 2011 Youth on the Move Recommendation of the Council of the European Union promoting the learning mobility of young people.

Studying or learning abroad helps students grow academically and socially, and improves their future job chances. It can encourage education systems and institutions to have a more open, international outlook, and raise standards.

The Mobility Scoreboard has been jointly for higher education, and CEDEFOP, for initial vocational education and training (IVET). A common online platform features dynamic maps that allow the user to understand at a glance the policy environment for learning mobility in Europe.

How does the Mobility Scoreboard compare countries?

  • Do they provide clear information and guidance to students interested in studying abroad?
  • Do they support the participation of disadvantaged learners?
  • Do students learn languages in school?
  • Can they take national grants and loans to study abroad?
  • Will credits and qualifications that they gain abroad be recognised?


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