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Safer Internet Day 2013

The European Commission presents a joint work with telecom companies


The industry is working to ensure that parents are aware of, and make use of, these tools. In addition, best practices have been established in terms of age-appropriate privacy settings and effective take down of child abuse material.

The average age for first going online in Europe is seven. Safer Internet Day 2013 is all about online rights and responsibilities, to encourage people online of all ages to "Connect with Respect". Events are taking place across the EU and worldwide and, as of 2014, the EU and US will ´celebrate´ Safer Internet Day" on the same day.

The European Commission has delivered concrete improvements for children:

  • Tools to report online abuse or bullying are gradually becoming universal.
  • Parental control tools are now available across more products (computers, tablets, smartphones games devices, as well as connected TV sets) and services, with more coming in 2013.
  • Content ratings for apps, online videos and films now widely used based on companies´ own rating systems, or those of national and international bodies.
  • The coalition has defined and shared best practices for age-appropriate privacy settings. All companies are giving up to date information about their privacy settings which will soon be searchable so that parents, teachers and children can make better decisions about their privacy on line.
  • The industry is open about what it does to filter out child sexual abuse material before it is reported, and to take down offensive materials. It is committed to improving dialogue and links with abuse report hotlines and law enforcement bodies.

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