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U- Multirank

The new European university ranking will be formally launched at the end of January


Five hundred universities from across Europe and the world are expected to take part in a new international university ranking initiated by the European Commission. The new listing, U-Multirank, will differ from existing rankings by rating universities according to a broader range of performance factors, aimed at providing a more realistic and user-friendly guide to what they offer. U-Multirank will be formally launched at a major conference on 30-31 January in Dublin under the Irish Presidency of the European Union.

U-Multirank will be based on objective criteria and data. To ensure impartiality, quality and verification, the Commission has selected an independent consortium to carry out the ranking. The Centre for Higher Education (CHE) in Germany and the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) in the Netherlands, will lead the initiative. They will work with partners including the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University (CWTS), academic publishers Elsevier, the Bertelsmann Foundation and software firm Folge 3. The consortium will also work with national ranking partners and stakeholder organisations to compile accurate data.

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