Friday,12 August 2022
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The Spanish Prado Museum receives the biggest art donation

Spain´s Prado museum received its biggest private donation in decades with 12 medieval and Renaissance works by Spanish artists.

The paintings and sculptures include "The Virgin of Tobed", the central panel of the altarpiece of a church in northeastern Spain and an exceptional example of Catalan Italo-Gothic painting attributed to Jaume Serra.

The "Virgin of Tobed" of the collection Roman Vicente of Saragossa, places between 1.370 and 1.397. It presents a reclined Virgin who with her hands of graceful fingers embraces and receives a baby.

The collection has been donated by a businessman from Barcelona, Jose Luis Varez. The patron will receive the rare honor of having a room in the Madrid museum named after him.

The museum El Prado, which had 2.8 million visitors last year, did not say when the newly donated works will go on show.


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