Friday,1 July 2022
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Smart Learning

The United Arab Emirates bets for a smart education


The focus on technology at schools has taken center stage in recent years, especially with the introduction of the UAE Ministry of Education´s flagship ´Smart Learning´ Initiative. The initiative seeks to establish a unique learning environment in schools through the introduction of ´Smart Classes´, utilizing tablet PCs and high-speed 4G networks as a means of acquiring knowledge.

The Ministry of Education has been able to implement a number of programmes aimed at modernizing and enhancing the educational system in the country. These include the e-library project in which the Ministry developed a digital library which comprises 11 thousand educational titles, available in both Arabic and English language. The Ministry also developed an electronic bag that is available now through the Apple Store and the Ministry´s website.

Under the theme ´Introducing New Learning Experiences´, Samsung is demonstrating its SMART and dynamic digital learning environments and solutions that are currently being deployed across the Gulf.

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