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World´s Greenests countries

Top 10 Environment-Green Countries


More and more nations around the globe are becoming deeply involved with sustaining theEarth, and taking steps to conserve what resources we have left. For many environmentally-friendly people and countries.

The top 10 greenest countries were graded according to each country´s Environmental Performance Index (EPI) rating, which is provided by the Yale University. The following countries are the top ten for 2013:

1. Iceland (EPI- 93.5)

Iceland tops the list of being the greenest country. Because of its location, Iceland has focused on making a huge impact on becoming eco-friendly using its geothermal landscape to utilize clean electricity and heat.

2. Switzerland (EPI – 89.1)

Switzerland was number 1 in the top list in 2008. In some cities of this country cars are not allowed. The country imposes a fee of 1 euro for disposing trash.

3. Costa Rica (EPI)

In its attempts to be carbon neutral by 2021 the country already utilizes plenty of renewable resources, which is very eco-friendly with less polluting air and water.

4. Sweden (EPI – 86)

ore than 28 percent of the energy and resources used in Sweden are renewable and eco-friendly.

5. Norway (EPI – 81.1)

Now the country is planning to cut its total emissions to 40 percent.

The rest of the countries in this line are Mauritius, France, Austria, Cuba and Columbia.

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