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Learning methods

Underling when studying is a waste of time


The most effective method is to immerse in the subject from time to time. The longer we want to sustain the information in our memory, the lengthier should be the time expend in studying.

The second most effective technique is prove yourself with self-examination. The researchers say that the act of ´recalling´ to our mind information strengthens the knowledge, and in this case, using cards with images, words or numbers are the key factor.

On the other hand, highlighting which is perhaps one of the most common techniques of study is the most inefficient. It only offers a simple reading and just draws attention to isolated facts, erasing its context and in consequence shifting its real meaning.

The authors describe as "low benefit" schematizing techniques such as re-reading, summarizing and writing the main points of a text on a separate sheet.

They also establish a list of techniques that are not useless, but are not very effective. These are the ´mental imagery´ (images we created that remind us of the text); explaining yourself what you are studying or using the traditional mnemonic.

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