Monday,4 July 2022
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Unemployment rate for young people doubles the total rate


More specific, according to Eurostat, in 2012, an extreme variation in regional unemployment among Member States was observed. In particular, 25 regions. In almost three quarters of the EU27 regions, the unemployment rate for young people was at least twice that for total unemployment. The highest rates were recorded in Dytiki Makedonia (72.5%) in Greece, Ceuta (70.6%) and Canarias (62.6%) in Spain and the lowest in the German regions of Oberbayern (4.2%), Tübingen (4.5%) and Freiburg (4.8%).

According to a recent report published by Italy’s national statistics institute (ISTAT), millions of Italians are heavily affected by the crisis and the rising unemployment, losing their homes and not affording to eat properly. In particular, the number of people living in families considered to be seriously deprived has doubled in the past two years to 8.6 million, meaning about 14% of the population. Also 16.6% of Italian families cannot afford to eat meat every two days.

Finally, the report showed that Italy has the highest level in Europe of young people who are neither in education nor employment (23.9%).

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