Friday,12 August 2022
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Tuition fees

University fees sharp rise extends throughout all Europe

Hungarian Students complain against rising tuition fees while Finland is studying to charge distinct fees to students from outside EU.

The crisis has increased pressure to the European universities. Rates are increasing exponentially. After England, Ireland, Spain and Austria, now comes the turn to Hungary. Students have expressed their objections during the last month against government plans which involve a reduction of scholarships and the increase of neraly 80% of the fees for new entrants to Hungarian higher education that will have to pay between 330 and 660euros,

The Hungarian Union of Students, HÖOK, and the European Students’ Union, ESU, were “outraged” by the government’s decision and are planning to start protest as the University Word News informs.

Moreover, ESU has also expressed its concerns against Finlands decision to charge fees to students from outside the European Union, which its enrollment to education in the Nordic countries is free. The Hungarian student union said in a statement that "similar measures in Sweden and Denmark have shown that the imposition or increase of enrollment rates may cause a fall of up to 80% in the number of international students from outside Europe in those countries."

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