Tuesday,5 July 2022
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University students create a tool to send anonymous messages to the good-looking friends


Informer has revolutionized university social networks a simple mechanism which facebook users to send comments to other university students preserving anonymity. The result has exceeded all forecasts and has become one of the most striking phenomena of internet.

Informer fever has been created in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Three of his students came up with the idea of providing a place in Facebook to exchange views about attractiveness of teammates.

"The idea was that people could send messages to anyone, in the library, in class or on the bus stop," explains on of the creators. The night we launch the tool we went to bed with about 80 " I like it", the day after there were more than 2,000”

This successful idea caught students by surprise. "We have learned what is a viral phenomenon ". We received so many messages that we realized that our baby had turned into a monster"

In just one week, "the informer of the UAB " harvested 11,000 followers and the network was filled with replies.

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