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University tuition fees rise in UK too


Figures show that 64 out of 122 British institutions plan to raise average costs for undergraduate degree courses starting in the autumn. Data published by the Government’s Office for Fair Access shows that universities in England are preparing to push up charges by as much 1,000 euros per student. Experts claimed that some institutions had been forced to raise fees on popular courses to balance the books because of an overall slump in student demand nationally.

The disclosure comes just days before the January 15 deadline to apply to degree courses through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

It is feared that students are already being put off higher education by rising fees.

Data shows that demand was down by 18,000 – 6.3 per cent – in mid-December compared with the same point a year earlier.

University leaders insisted that it was too early in the academic year to draw conclusions from the data and insisted that poorer students could rely on generous support packages to soften the blow of higher fees.

Figures show that average fees will rise from 10,000 euros for students starting in 2012 to just over 10,100 euros for those taking up places in 2013. The average drops when fee waivers and other financial support for poor students is factored in.

Source: The Telegraph

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