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Between 9 March and 17 March 2015

Upcoming Global Money Week to engage children worldwide in learning how money works

Global Money Week is a global money awareness celebration that will take place between 9 March and 17 March 2015 to engage children worldwide in learning how money works, including saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment, and entrepreneurship.

The Gobal Monety Week aims to generate cross-sectorial involvement – all types of public and private sector organizations can get involved. Most importantly, it aims to break down existing barriers by improving access and dialogue between young people, business leaders, educators, and policymakers.

Global Money Week is a worldwide celebration intended to empower the next generation of financial actors to be confident, responsible and skilled economic citizens. Every year, entire communities jointly take action to reshape the financial landscape, and give young people the tools and inspiration they need to shape their own future.

The celebrations of 2015 will take place between 9th -17th March. During this week various worldwide activities will be held to engage children, youth and their communities to learn about how money works, including saving, gaining employment, and creating livelihoods. For examples of past activities, please see pages 6-9. Your participation brings the world one step closer to ensuring that every child will have access to financial services, basic financial awareness, a reliable source of income, and the will to save

If you have already planned your activities for this year’s celebration, you can start reporting the different initiatives; the Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) Secretariat will make sure to profile them through an online Calendar. We would appreciate if you could send the report back to us by this Thursday March 5th.

Over 60 countries have confirmed their participation for this year! If you still have not planned your activities, or have limited resources and/or time, we suggest you check the GMW Toolkit and the list of National stakeholders engaged in each country. We would be happy to link you to any of the initiatives locally.

Supporting Global Money Week means visibility among our wide and international network of policy makers, practitioners, children and youth.

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