Friday,1 July 2022
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More than 100 youngsters involved in the study

Video games can help education


The research, carried out by Lancaster University´s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), has shown how basing educational projects around video games can get hard-to-reach youngsters interested in learning.

The project, run by Inspire Opportunities and carried out earlier this year, involved 15 secondary schools through the Wolverhampton area Local Education Partnership. More than 100 youngsters were involved.

More than 100 youngsters were involved. The findings, which have been seen by Government advisers, shows a way forward to cutting the numbers of youngsters who end up not in employment, education and training (NEET).

The pilot scheme encouraged teachers in the schools to bring together teams of young people to use the PlayStation 3 game Little Big Planet 2, to create new levels that would be published and used by other players.

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