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The world´s second most-widely-used language

Wert defends the Spanish language

Spain´s Education, Culture and Sports Ministry lobbied Thursday at the close of the annual meeting of directors of the Cervantes Institute for the creation of a common cultural market of the Spanish language.

"The consumption of British and American products by Britons and Americans is practically indistinct. We´re still not close to that, (even though) the language – Spanish – has a level of convergence in all its areas (that is) probably superior to that of English," Jose Ignacio Wert said at the conference in Merida.

The minister gave his support to the idea of the Iberoamericanization of the Cervantes Institute, as Crown Prince Felipe discussed on Tuesday in comments to the institution´s leadership, and he emphasized the importance of promoting the organization in Mexico, "the main niche in the Spanish market" and in the United States, where there are some 50 million people who speak it.

To the directors of the Cervantes Institute, the minister said that Spanish is an engine of "intelligent development" and one of the main strengths of the country and of Iberoamerica.

Wert emphasized that it is the world´s seconded most-widely-used language in terms of number of speakers, in business and among students, and the No. 3 language of use on the Internet.

In his address, Wert pushed for adapting Spanish to the scientific and technological sphere and to the Internet.

Source: EFE

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