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The Spanish minister with the worst rating

Wert will not continue in politics when he leaves the ministry


 The Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Jose Ignacio Wert "imagined" to a reform protests an "important bill" (Lomce) but never the "intensity of the tributes decibel" he ironized yesterday on the loud ringing in the course of his talk at a breakfast briefing organized by Europa Press, which has served as the Minister to take a walkabout. But these disagreements not diverted from their target because it is destined to continue in politics when finished with "this performance." "The laws do not hinder the protests", has riveted the minister feels very supported by the Council of Ministers, against extended opposite idea.

"I knew to do education reform is always a lot of resistance, which usually end up polarizing on the person to whom and the custom touches and probably in a miscalculation of my strengths and an exaggerated estimate of my ability, I decided that since I did not I have political ambitions and I´m not going to go into politics after this endeavor (…) believe in this reform and was not afraid to confront the personal cost he could assume, "said.

"In recent months I have spent 60% of my time trying to educational dialogue. Most undo prejudices, misconceptions and unknowns of what the law said. And I have not received any alternative proposal," said the minister who is "inadmissible" bet "for the status quo" with a 25% drop-out rate as "gradually this law has been moving away from the goals of employability". In his view, the law is based on evidence and successful solutions to problems in other countries, while the opposition elaborates with possible consequences of the implementation of the Lomce in talks "worthy of the Marx Brothers."

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