Sunday,3 July 2022
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With 26% unemployment spanish young people are seeking opportunities in other countries


With unemployment sitting at 26 per cent, Spain’s youth are leaving in droves. More than 280,000 people age 30 and under left the country last year, according to the National Statistics Institute, hoping to find better opportunities in countries such as Germany, Britain, Argentina and Mexico.

Those leaving are often fluent in multiple languages, well-educated and willing to work hard. The trend shows no sign of slowing; a recent European Commission study found 68 per cent of young Spaniards are considering moving abroad.

That view is echoed by Gayle Allard, an economist with the Instituto de Empresas in Madrid. "Almost every family you talk to, it seems like they´ve got a child abroad, somewhere," she said.

As Spain´s politicians wrestle with record unemployment, corruption allegations and daily protests against austerity measures, she says creating jobs for youth has fallen off their to-do list.

Instead, Spanish politicians have quietly stood by as many of the nation´s best and brightest leave with skills and talents that could help Spain fight the crisis.

The Spanish expatriate profile corresponds to a young person aged between 25 and 35 years, highly qualified and without dependents. However, the trend is changing and there are increasing cases of unemployed over 45 years with family seeking for employment abroad, particularly from the construction sector, as well as recent graduates who want to take their first steps outside Spain.

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