Wednesday,6 July 2022
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Oxford and Manchester the most preferred destinations

Youth travel to boost UK economy


The consumer trends report also showed that while students spend less each day than business travellers, they tend to contribute more over longer periods of stay across the country, with Edinburgh, Oxford and Manchester the most preferred destinations outside London.

The transport, hospitality and education industries especially benefit from youth travellers. Of the 4,000 individuals aged 11-35 choosing the UK for study, work or leisure, half said they welcomed two to four visitors during their stay, and 80% said they believed education in the UK was “equal to or better than in their home country”.

BETA has collaborated with the VisitBritain campaign to increase the number of tourists in Britain from 31 million a year to 40 million by 2020, bolstered largely by youth travel.

However, the survey revealed that only 46% of young travellers felt the culture in the UK was oriented toward young people – a concern considering 300 million youth trips are forecasted globally by the year 2020.

The survey was unveiled at an event to celebrate BETA’s 10th anniversary at the House of Lords last week. Guests of honour included former CEO of Universities UK, Baroness Warwick.

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